Find The Best Modern Aluminum Pergola and Patio Covers Distributor in Las Vegas

Michelle M.
April 19, 2023

Nothing feels more welcoming during long summer nights than a pergola. Pergolas allow you to stargaze at night while offering much-needed shade in scorching summers. An aluminum pergola is ideal for resisting harsh weather conditions. Pergolas can be put to several uses at a time. The pergolas can serve as a comfortable nook for readers, a garden for enjoying brunch, or creating a poolside shade. You can narrow down your choices by deciding the purposes you’ll be using them for.

Aluminum pergolas

One of the most important of choosing aluminum pergolas over wooden ones is that the aluminum pergolas don’t require extra maintenance. You won’t have to add varnishes to the surface or stain them; you can use them directly out of the box. Wood can fade away gradually over the years due to exposure to the sun, which will require additional stain or paint. On the other hand, aluminum can withstand water damage and harsh weathering conditions. Besides, while being lightweight, aluminum pergolas don’t need ground anchors such as cedar pergolas. The cost of aluminum pergolas can vary due to size and inclusion or exclusion of a canopy.

Extruded aluminum pergola

Usually, an extruded aluminum pergola is an ideal choice for a majority of homeowners. Looking forward to spruce up your house’s backyard’s value? These pergolas are highly durable and can stand the test of weather and time. Unlike materials such as vinyl, roll-form aluminum, or wood, the extruded aluminum pergolas are extremely robust as they resist insect infestation, warping, rotting, peeling, and cracking. Besides, these pergolas are sturdy enough to offer functionality throughout the years, so you no longer have to worry about bad snowstorms or heavy winds as they can’t damage the pergola’s structure.

In addition, an extruded aluminum pergola is very versatile and flexible. Unlike the other pergolas that have to be kept tied to a specific location, these extruded aluminum pergola structures allow you to place them anywhere around your property’s premises.

Why are extruded aluminum pergolas a great choice for homeowners?

  • As a cover for your pool decks
  • for offering a shade above the barbecues
  • To protect the patio furniture from damages and moisture
  • It can provide an aesthetic appeal to your garden and backyard

Louvered Patio Covers

A louvered patio covers an ideal choice if you want to use the patio for several purposes. Your patio can serve as a perfect place if you want to enjoy a meal together or bask in the sun outdoors. On the contrary, in heavy rainfall or intense sunlight, a louvered patio cover can serve as a closed roof for offering complete protection. So, if you’re struggling to choose a backyard patio cover that can allow some light to creep inside your patio, these covers are ideal.