Care & Maintenance Instructions

Preservation and Upkeep of Your Aluminum Shade Structure

  1. To ensure the longevity and visual appeal of your aluminum shade structure, routine cleaning by hosing down with a regular garden hose equipped with a standard nozzle is strongly advised. This simple practice can effectively remove dirt and prevent potential damage caused by prolonged exposure to environmental elements.

Refusing a pressure washer is imperative as its high-pressure stream can potentially damage the paint finish on the aluminum shade structure.

aluminum pergola care instructions
How to care for your 4K Aluminum pergola
  1. It is also recommended to steer clear of power-cleaning tools. These devices, while effective at dislodging stubborn grime, can cause unintended harm to the structure.
  2. When hosing down your aluminum shade structure, use a downward motion to facilitate effective runoff and prevent water accumulation in undesired areas. Prior to this activity, ensure all personal belongings are relocated to prevent them from getting soaked or suffering potential water damage.
  3. Aluminum shade structures finished with a powder-coating require minimal maintenance. Gently cleansing with a solution of water and a mild liquid detergent, such as a car cleaning solution, should suffice for most cleaning scenarios. Utilize a microfiber cloth or sponge to gently wipe over the surfaces, ensuring all dirt is effectively removed.
  4. To clean your powder-coated aluminum shade structure, begin by rinsing with a garden hose fitted with a standard nozzle. Then, prepare a mixture of warm water and mild liquid detergent in a bucket. Use a sponge to evenly distribute the soapy water across the structure before rinsing again to remove all soap residue.
  5. It's beneficial to remove any remaining surface water using a drying cloth, similar to what you might use on your car, to avoid the formation of water spots which could mar the appearance of your structure.
  6. Be sure to avoid abrasive cleaning agents or materials that may scratch the powder-coated surface of the structure. In selecting a liquid detergent, make sure it is free of solvents and petroleum-based chemicals. A simple guideline to follow is if the detergent requires the use of protective gloves, it's likely unsuitable for use on your aluminum shade structure.
  7. Avoid exposure to chloride salts, sulfides, steel, iron, and other rusting metals as contact could cause discoloration, rusting, cracking, peeling, and corrosion of the powder-coated aluminum surface.
  8. Never use steel wool or Scotch-Brite pads on your powder-coated aluminum shade structure as they can scratch and damage the paint finish. Similarly, avoid any cleaning tools with hard bristles which may have a similar destructive effect.
  9. Aim to clean your aluminum shade structure when it is in the shade to avoid drastic temperature changes and never during freezing conditions or when the metal temperature could cause condensation. Cleaning surfaces heated by direct sunlight is ill-advised as rapid chemical reactions can occur, leading to non-uniform results.
  10. As a general rule, the sooner you attend to spills and stains, the easier they are to remove. This is also true for initial signs of mold or mildew. Regular soap and water can be remarkably effective at breaking down oils and residues.
  11. In coastal regions or areas where tree sap and pollen are prevalent, monthly cleanings can prevent the accumulation of salt deposits and other contaminants. If you're located further inland, a quarterly or biannual washing should suffice for optimal maintenance.
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