4K Architectural Features

4K Aluminum materials bring a unique blend of durability, aesthetics, and versatility to the table, making them ideal for crafting distinctive architectural features. Our materials are made from aircraft-grade alloys, exhibiting an industry-leading strength that pairs seamlessly with quality elements and precision engineering.

The versatility of our aluminum materials allows them to integrate flawlessly into a variety of architectural styles.

Products such as our posts, beams, lattice tubes, and especially our Soleil panels — uniquely designed aluminum laser-cut panels — add both functional and aesthetic value to any structure. These elements can significantly enhance the architectural appeal of residential and commercial projects alike.

Benefits of an Architectural Feature using 4K Aluminum

  • 4K Aluminum Architectural Features can provide a distinct design that other common building materials, such as brick and wood, cannot.

4K Architectural Features consist of: 

  • Over-the-pool Water Features 
  • Yard Art
  • Unique Structural Designs 
  • T.V Walls
  • And more…
  • 4K Architectural Features are solid yet lightweight, corrosion-resistant, endlessly recyclable, and can be formed into many designs.
  • 4K Architectural Features are made from extruded aircraft alloyed aluminum, crafted from superior powder-coated aluminum, offering lasting durability and a 20-year warranty.
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Color Options

4K Pergola systems are available in Espresso, Black, Apollo Gray, Quartz White, and Adobe Tan.


Some specs listed here.

Warranty Information

Products come with a 20-year warranty certificate