aluminum pergola

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Trusted by the Biggest Brands in the World

An emblem of unwavering trust, superior quality, and exceptional design, 4K Aluminum is an American-owned, family-operated business that stands at the forefront of luxury patio cover manufacturing.Our footprint is ingrained in some of the most respected and renowned brands globally, having been entrusted with creating lasting structures for their facilities.

A testament to our capabilities, brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Marriott Hotels, and Hilton Suites, among others, have chosen us to materialize their vision into a tangible, architectural reality.

Aluminum Pergola
aluminum pergola

Durability Meets Unparalleled Design

Built to withstand the test of time, our versatile patio systems meet and often exceed all local wind and snow load requirements. So, whether it is the balmy breezes of a beachfront property or the harshest winter storms in colder regions, our products are designed to withstand all, keeping their occupants safe and comfortable.

Our 4K authorized contractors combine their expertise and creativity to offer an extensive range of options, including various posts, beams, and lattice tubes. These components are not just versatile in their design, but they also integrate flawlessly into any architectural style.

Whether you are enhancing a residential backyard oasis or creating a significant commercial outdoor space, our products adapt perfectly to the surroundings. We believe in creating designs that complement the existing architecture rather than competing with it, offering harmony in design that enhances the overall aesthetic that appeal of your space.


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