All About 4K Pergo-Soleil™ Panels

Michelle M.
August 6, 2023

Would you like to get your commercial or residentialproperty modernized? Let us discuss Pergo-Soleil™panels, then! Pergo-Soleil™panels are decorative andutilizedas spectacular standalone focal pieces, privacy walls, gates, pergolas and so much more. They are an excellent option for trellises, enclosures, pool equipment screens, and much more.

These ornamental panels offer shade and natural illumination in beautiful patterns for your outdoor living spaces, enabling you to design a one-of-a-kind sanctuary for friends and family. Knowing you have an option to take advantage of a Pergo-Soleil™ panel in various decorativestyleswill bring the utmost custom-tailored design to your construction project.

It is designed to be structurally strong and long-lasting with minimal maintenance. Like all other designs, they may be free-standing, for a decorative panel effect, or incorporated into the patio cover of your choice. There are several designs and multiple colors to choose from. Adding a Pergo-Soleil™ panel to your design will give the element of sophistication.

4K Pergola™ Systems, integrated with 4K Pergo-Soleil™ Panels, are engineered to provide the exceptional structural integrity necessary to withstand extreme conditions such as high winds and heavy snow while remaining relatively maintenance-free for many years. Our panels are thick aluminum sheets that are laser cut in many designs in 4×8 Ft and 5×10 Ft x .160/.100 thickness and are powder coating with 20 years warranty.Pergola-Soleil panels may be used for commercial purposes such as blinds, privacy panels, fences, yard decorations, etc., because of their durability and thickness.

4K Pergo-Soleil™ panels are uniquely versatile to integrate flawlessly into any architectural style for residential and commercial markets. All designs are engineered to meet or exceed State, County, and local building codes, including wind speed up to 120 MPH, snow load, and seismic activity.

The use of Pergo-Soleil™ panels above a structure may produce interactive shadows that change throughout the day, shade with air circulation, and connect architecture and nature. The screening panels can be used to conceal the site of unwanted items like pool equipment or trash bins. Integrating Pergo-Soleil™ panels for railings can bring a unique look while helping delineate pedestrian zones. Installation is guaranteed to be structurally sound when installed correctly.

4K Aluminum’s distinct qualities and process make it the perfect foundation material for ornamental laser-cut metal panels. The advantages outlined below should be considered when planning any interior or outdoor project.

Benefits and features:

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Free from rust

Overall, in conclusion, the filter and shape light of Pergo-Soleil™ panels has created a distinctive series of architectural panels that are both highly creative and designed to survive the weather. They may provide pattern nuance to structural detail, shading to unique architectural locations, visual breaks, obstacles, and privacy.

Pergo-Soleil™ panels are considered very trending and modern for these times.